Performance Guaranteed

Our world renowned, mercury emissions experts, with decades of specialized focus on mercury measurement and control, will guarantee mercury regulatory compliance for utilities.

We provide plant owners complete peace-of-mind that a plant will achieve full compliance for mercury control, with the least disruption to plant operations.


Total Mercury Control

ME2C’s Sorbent Enhancement Additive (SEATM) technology applies a holistic approach to mercury emissions control, allowing utility customers to confidently meet emissions regulations in the most cost-effective manner.

Our patented process is tailored to each customer’s unique application, fine-tuning the combustion gas chemistry using specially formulated, proprietary ME2C products. read more...

Environmentally Friendly Focus

Efficiency in use of materials doesn’t just deliver a cost advantage; it also lowers plant downtime by limiting corrosion impacts, and allows utilities to deliver maximum revenue by recycling their fly-ash for beneficial use.

Our flexible approach can deliver greater fuel flexibility back to the plant, allowing utilities to maximize profitability.


UNEP Global Mercury Project

Proud Member of ICAC

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