ME2C® was incorporated to commercialize a mercury control technology suite developed at the EERC of the University of North Dakota. This technology was licensed to ME2C from the EERC in 2009.

Through the early commercialization efforts, ME2C worked closely with utilities, commercial mercury capture vendors, and emission scientists and engineers to address mercury measurement and control by developing and testing a range of technologies. Early tests and experiments showed that while activated carbon was effective at some utility sites, there was a clear need for an alternative, multifaceted approach that could overcome low capture results and other emission-related problems.

Continued development, testing, and demonstration led to the commercialization of the SEA® technology, which provides a superior solution to mercury emission capture, considering cost, effectiveness, flexibility, and the environment, with minimal disruptions to ongoing plant operations. Early commercialization success was had as far back as 2010, where ME2C was successful in contracting the Mercury capture systems and supply contracts for the two largest coal units in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Today, ME2C is bringing this technology to clients all across the United States and Canada and, in the near future, will be expanding to markets throughout Europe and China.

Corporate Timeline

ME2C Corporate Timeline